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ZAISH is the World’s first ever platform to provide over 5000+ services by top class service providers.

ZAISH covers every service required for, Existing business, Every resident, Every tourist and for people who want to invest here in the UAE. We Advise, consult and assist people with great Ideas, unconventional Business plans and looking to invest here in Dubai.

With a great mission, we are well-equipped with resources for every single service we provide, which makes our culture more innovative and fast evolving.

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Your needs, Our priority

ZAISH’s commitments

  • Your satisfaction drives our speed - count on us for swift solutions, no delays guaranteed.
  • Your ease, our expertise - expect seamless service, hassle-free, every step of the way.
  • Your certainty, our accuracy - ensuring precision in every piece of information delivered.
  • Wherever you are, whenever you need – our multi-channel service ensures convenience tailored to you.
  • Stay connected, stay assured – our professional and confidential communication via social and smart channels is tailored for your peace of mind.
  • Your voice shapes our service excellence – suggestions and complaints pave the way for betterment, with our commitment to timely and responsive resolutions.

Your happiness is our goal

meet our expectations, and we'll exceed yours with tailored services designed just for you.

  • Recognize their dedication; respect their commitment - nurturing a culture of mutual appreciation for the valued staff serving you.
  • Timely updates pave the path to accuracy – notify us promptly of changes or errors to ensure seamless information flow.
  • Prompt responses, impeccable service – a timely exchange ensures quality delivery, every time, to our dedicated staff.
  • Adherence breeds harmony – respect the rules, honor the team; on social and smart channels, let's build a respectful online dream.
  • Compliance is key, evolving with regulations - respecting government norms, ensuring a smooth sail through changing tides
  • Adapt with respect, follow the path - honoring government regulations, evolving together for a brighter tomorrow.

Core Values

  • Authenticity
  • Accountability
  • Candor
  • Reliability
  • Client Oriented
  • Commitment

We are very Authentic with the information we share and Accountable for all kinds of action we take.

We look at both positive and negative aspects by being Very Condor, this makes our clients to completely Rely on us while making a decision.

Our work ethics are all Client Oriented, and we are very well Committed to our promise.

Director Message

We are very Authentic with the information we share and Accountable for all kinds of action we take.

The United Arab Emirates is a land of opportunities, where ideas come together with great passion and make the dream come true.

Our team strives to build a system to provide best services for our clients by utilizing available resources and contacts in the UAE. Our dream is to provide all assistance to entrepreneurs from around the globe who want to start their business in the UAE and help people invest, move and live in Dubai.

As a business consultant, I love to work with like minded Entrepreneurs, people with exceptional business plans and great ideas, people who want to invest in Dubai and live here. I promise to provide the right guidance with utmost professionalism.

My strategy of working is completely different from other consultancies. As a consultant, it is my responsibility to make sure that I handle everything very professionally from our first meeting until everything is done. You plan for your business expansion, let me take care of the rest.

Company Details

  • Company Name: ZAISH LLC
  • Company type: Portal services
  • Registration Number: 2323714
  • Registration Authority: SHAMS
  • License Number:2323714.1

Office Address:

  • Office 1401, City Tower 2, Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
  • Mobile: +971 52 581 8794
  • Email:
  • Website:

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