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Real Estate Business License - Dubai - 100% Foreign Ownership

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Service Description
License Activity - Real estate Buying & Selling Brokerage
Activity Description - Includes firms mainly engaged in mediation between the seller and the buyer in order to complete real estate transactions and sales, whether finished or off-plan properties before the completion of the project, provided that these projects are registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and have an approved escrow account, among the roles of the broker is the marketing and promotion of the properties through unified contracts and agreements approved by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency,
Issuing Authority - Dubai Mainland (Dubai DET)
License Type - Professional
Real Estate Business License - Dubai - 100% Foreign Ownership
Required Documents
  1. Police Clearance Certificate for the applicant
License Cost approx - LLC license
AED 12,500/Service
Additional Activity cost for activity Real estate Buying & Selling Brokerage
AED 5,000/Service
Immigration Card
AED 580/Service
Marketing Fees - 5% of Office rent to be paid to the licensing department
ORN Certificate
AED 500/Service
Service Fees
AED 5,000/Service
Trade Name Registration
AED 680/Service
Initial Approval
AED 120/Service
Residence Visa - Investor Visa
AED 3,500/Visa
Residence Visa - Employment Visa
AED 5,500/Visa
Broker Card
AED 2,120/Broker card
Foreign Trade Name (Non Arabic company name)
AED 2,000/Optional
Number Of Shareholders
AED 1,250/Shareholders
Total Amount :
AED 24380
Other Permit Required throughout the Journey

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