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take Advantage of Tax Benefits

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Service Description
Package Description - This package is designed to assist Entrepreneurs & Investors from across the globe to start their business in Dubai and take advantage of lowest tax in Dubai.
Issuing Authority - International Freezone Authority (IFZA)
License Type - Commercial or Professional License
What Business Can You Do?
You can choose any 3 activities. You can choose mix of Media, Wholesale & Retail, and Services & Consultancy.

E-commerce will allow you to sell any product online through your own platform or through other platforms.
take Advantage of Tax Benefits
Required Documents
  1. Mobile Number
  2. Email ID
  3. Residential Address
  4. Colour passport copy of shareholders, general manager, director (if applicable)
  5. Passport size personal photo
  6. Company name
Business License
AED 14,900/Service
Immigration Card
AED 2,000/Service
Residence Visa including Emirates ID & Medicals
AED 4,875/Service
Professional Consultation Fees
AED 5,000/Service
Status Change (If applicant is inside country)
AED 1,600/Optional
Business Bank Account (Wio Business)
AED 1,000/Optional
Business Bank Account (Emirates NBD / Emirates Islamic Bank)
AED 5,000/Optional
Tax Residency Certificate
AED 2,500/Optional
Website development - Basic
AED 2,500/Optional
Social Media marketing & Management - Monthly
AED 2,000/Optional
Accounting Services - Monthly
AED 700/Optional
Corporate Tax Registration
AED 600/Optional
Lease agreement (Address Proof)
Share Certificate
Total Amount :
AED 26775
Other Permit Required throughout the Journey

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